The Danum Coven of the Magnolia Temple is now open to applications from all experienced and established Witches, and occult practitioners, that seek initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition and join us in our multi-disciplinary practice.

The Magnolia Temple will no longer be offering any form of outer court educational programs, study groups, apprenticeships, or beginner courses. Instead, we are now welcoming other established practitioners and witches, who want to work within an initiatory multi-disciplinary practice, working collective co-operative magick in a Gardnerian coven setting. As such all applicants are expected to fulfil our basic experience and age requirements and complete our application procedures as follows: Email exchange, Application form, Interview, Probationer period, Membership offer.

Applications are completed over a six-week period: applications forms have a 14-day deadline. Reviews and additional questions then follow up the next 7-days and the interview is scheduled over the last 21-days of the application period. Applications have a very firm deadline and failure to meet these deadlines will result in rejection of said application for a minimum period of 12 months. Application deadlines start the moment applications are sent out, so please make any enquires or additional informational requests prior to requesting an application form.

Applications forms are split into different key sections, the primary section acts as an Occult/ Witch Curriculum vitae, covering who you are, your personal witch background, and additional supporting information. The second section of the application form acts as a Covering letter. There is an additional section added to the application form, filled out during your interview. Application forms are nontransferable and have a 14-day expiry.

Applicants of all ages are required to have a minimum of four years prior experience of r witchcraft based ritual practice in any tradition or occult background that form the applicants’ personal established practice. This four year of experience is only valid over the age of 21 for it to be considered developed and relevant adult occult experience. Experience below this age is considered “developing” experience and as such is invalid to your application. Applications therefore are only open to individuals aged 25 and over. Applications are only taken individually, couples, friends, and groups all need to apply independently of each other.

The Temple has very firm guidelines on safeguarding, and as such identity and age verification is mandatory to all applicants, this is done by you bringing with you one form of government issued photo ID, that contains the applicants’ full legal names and D.o.B, along to your interview. This information is used for confirmation of identity, screening purposes, criminal database and register checks. Refusal or failure to meet screening and safeguarding requirements will result in rejection of application and blacklisting from future membership.

Successful applicants will then undertake an in person probationary period of Twelve months, with each probationer being seen for a three-hour meeting once a month to be given guidance and documentation, to undertake various forms of self-directed study and work to complement their acclimation and introduction to the working practices of the coven’s co-operative collective practice.  Probation works on a circuit breaker schedule, and as such we can only take on two probationers at this time, so that we can leave a minimum of 14 days between seeing each probationer and allow time for any Covid symptoms present themselves and isolation to be implemented. 

Probationer’s financial responsibility is the burden of each probationer, this needs to be seen as an investment into yourself and your development as a member of the Danum Coven. Each probationer may incur a moderate or large financial cost personally, that you must be prepared for, this cost can be due to travel, food and accommodation for your experience, and into books and materials during your membership. The Probation period is FREE, the Temple takes no money from probationers, however once full membership to the Danum Coven is offered, each member makes basic annual contributions in Temple fee’s, to cover the running costs of resources and supplies that benefit all members.

Prior to application, please remember we offer no outer court “basic” generic occult education, we are Not a training group. All applicants must be over 25, all applicants must have over four years prior experience. All applicants must accept their personal financial costs and time commitments. Our Coven is pro LGBTQIA+, and we welcome all Cis and Heterosexual allies, however we have a zero tolerance policy on bigotry and Phobia to all members. Failure or refusal to meet deadlines, safeguarding, or basic requirements will automatically result in termination of applications or membership to probationary periods.

Applications are open intermittently when space becomes available.

Please email – for application forms.

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