Temple Statement

We are a Non-Denominational and Independent Temple that host a Coven.




Temple Aims

We are Egalitarian in the absolute; all members of the inner temple are equal. Every member of the Temple having an equal say in decisions, and responsibility for the Temple resting on the shoulders of every member

  1. No hierarchy and No degree system; These are tools of control and poor markers of individual spiritual growth.
  2. No Titles, so no High Priests, Magisters, or Lord and Ladies; These only serve to feed the Ego and to be used to dominate those without titles.
  3. Independence from the “Establishment”; No to the interference of external influences, and No to the “gate keepers” who seek to inform how others should practice.

We remove the Limitation of information, and dispose of information Fascism and Control.

  1. By Casting off Oaths and the concept of Oathbound material. All words belong to all people.
  2. By working with open source and privately available ritual materials, publications and manuscripts.
  3. By continual Research, Experimentation, and Resources that are available to all coven members.

We are Accessible and Responsive.

  1. In our study; By always being open to new sources of information, magickal theory, and teachings.
  2. In our ritual; Being conscious in our rituals by being responsive to the present season, culture, and local environment.
  3. In our growth; By knowing ourselves through ritual work.

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