Where is the Temple?

-We’re based just outside of Doncaster city centre, easily accessible by public transport, also by car with only being around five minutes away from the m18/m180 junction. Our property is set back from a main road, with off street parking and private outdoor spaces (perfect for ritual work).

Who can join?

-The Temple is open to applications from anyone over the age of 18 with a minimum prior experience.

We do not allow minors, or children to attend any temple activities or rituals, so you must facilitate your own childcare. We also cannot accommodate the inclusion of third-party individuals: Partners, Friends, Support workers, or Parents to any coven events.

Our property is accessible for those with mobility issues, with on-site disabled toilet facilities. Please be aware the temple is situated at a private residence with Pets and as such service animals cannot be accommodated.

Can I join the Probation without joining the Coven?

In short NO. This is not a “Free” educational experience, this is Probation – we are seeing who is genuine and hardworking enough to become a member of our coven. We do ask that people not do this as this is a waste of the covens time and resources, this also takes away a slot from someone who may genuinely be seeking initiation.

What does the Interview entail?

The Interview is a one-on-one chance to meet face to face in an informal setting before being extended an invitation to join the temple as a probationer. The interview is normally conducted in a public coffeeshop in Doncaster town centre.  During the interview we can then get to know one another, talk about our backgrounds, and then fill out the third section of the application form, including Identity and age verification.

How do I join?

By making Contact through our Email – danumcoven@Magnoliatemple.com. We can then send you the application form and start the six week application process.

How do the Probation session work?

Each Probationer is seen for three hours once a fortnight or minimum twice a month, where we will have discussions on various subjects centered around the Gardnerian Tradition, this is done using multimedia resources and publications that are accessible to non-initiates. At the end of every session, you are given Self-Directed Study to complete and document, so that we will have material to discuss the next session. We also have an emphasis on practical work, and as such some Self-Directed Study will involve the mastering of basic techniques needed upon your initiatory journey.

What do you wear during rituals?

– We predominantly work Skyclad as per our Tradition, however sensible attire is key for both indoor and outdoor rituals.

Do you host Open rituals?

-No, the temple is not available for public use or bookings; Handfasting’s, wiccaning’s, funeral rites, or open rituals.

How often do you meet for rituals?

-We have a Calander of rituals, between Sabbats and Esbats we can meet regularly, a few times a month, however our ritual calendar is open to alteration and changes to suit the member of the temple.

On average how much can the Probation period cost me?

This is all dependent on how far you must travel, your mode of transport and all additional expenses for each meeting with the temple. On average most people can spend roughly £10 per session on these expenses, not including an additional educational resources they may purchase in between sessions. The average cost of purchasing all physical books on our required reading list can be roughly £200, however most of these books can also be found online as pdfs and ebooks. Some probationers may experience larger expenses and some smaller expenses. The Magnolia Temple offers no grants or bursaries to applicants and probationers.

What are the Temple Dues/fees?

They are a community fund that pays for all expenses and resources that the Danum Coven will need to operate, these resources and supplies are kept as a “Spell Pantry and Free shop”, which is available to all members. Almost all covens will take some form of dues, fee or “donation” from all coven members which allows everyone to contribute to the economic stability of the coven and the resources needed for its continued operation, It is not one persons job to finance and supply everything for the coven and we must all share in the responsibilities. Unlike most other covens our coven believes in transparency around economics and as such Temple dues are paid by all members regardless of economic background, as an egalitarian share in resources. The temple dues/fee is £120 a year, or £10 a month, or £2.30 a week, this however is not always taken as a cash deposit into the coven’s community fund/ trust but can also be offset through the replenishment of necessary supplies and resources needed for our coven ritual practices which is then deducted from each person’s economic contribution.

We will also make the disclaimer that all Dues/ fees are accounted for and monitored strictly, so that no economic resources are wasted or misused. No one individual(s) in the coven takes any financial or economic appropriation, and all members can audit the records at any time.

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