One of the Highest ideals of the Magnolia Temple is to remove the limitation of Information. We are doing this by working with and providing access to privately available ritual materials, publications, and manuscripts, as well as open-source publications and resources. We are working to always be open to new sources of information, magickal theory, and teachings by continually engaging in research, experimentation, and providing resources that are available to all members.

The library has recently been rehoused to a newly renovated and larger space due to the ever-expanding collection and need for more accessibility for individuals with specialist needs. This space is located now on an upper floor which is reachable for those with specialist needs, using one of our internal lifts.

Within the library collection are many published works, including a selection of limited edition print runs, private publications, and rare books. The library also has a sizeable collection of original handwritten historical and contemporary Manuscripts. These include religious texts, common place books, poetic works, masonic texts, Grimoires and Books of Shadows, and various other independent manuscript and documents.

The physical library collection currently is not available to the general public and is available only to coven members. We are continually seeking to remove the limitation of information and uphold our highest ideals and as such we are working to transcribe, digitalise, and make available those parts of the collection that are not under copyright or the independent private works of others without due permission to do so.

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