The Temple has now moved into a new bespoke building, after three amazing years in our small Temple under a Magnolia tree. 

Our new Temple is now situated in a modern wooden Lodge; primarily featuring a large open space that can house a comfortable thirteen-foot circle and ritual furnishings, as well as an adjoining kitchen/ utility room. The Lodge is made of sustainable Norwegian spruce from certified forests. We are committed to sustainability and the reduction of our carbon footprint and as such the lodge is largely self-sufficient for all power and heating, this being supplied by direct solar power and solar battery backup. Additionally, we have worked with local crafts people and local resources to provide the temple with all its furnishings and furniture, as well as utilising reclaimed and sustainable products where available locally and will continue this as we move forward.

The Temple and Lodge are situated at a private residence within a conservation area of “Green Character”, open countryside and neighbouring Grade listed properties. We are based just outside of Doncaster town centre, easily accessible by multiple forms of public transport, also by car with only being around five minutes away from the m18/m180 junction. Private off-street parking is available as the property is set back from a main road, with a spacious private driveway.

The Magnolia Temple is continually working to offer complete accessibility to those individuals with specialist needs with level access entry, onsite disabled toilet facilities, internal lifts to the upper floor Library, and paved balcony ramps to the new Lodge, rear gardens, and fire pit ritual space.

Moving forward in 2022 we will be opening the Temple to new member through the application to join our outer court, the continued commitment to sustainability, to reduce our carbon footprint and prioritise the use of local resources. We will also work to expand and diversify our Library collection, and ultimately to Grow by knowing ourselves through ritual practice.

The Magnolia Temple Lodge is not available for public use or bookings; Handfasting’s, wiccaning’s, funeral rites, or open rituals. Services provided by Members outside of the Temple, do not reflect or represent the Magnolia Temple and its other members. Please note that the Temple Lodge is privately owned and operated and is not community owned or operated, access to the Lodge is granted at the owners approval. The Lodge was privately funded by a benefactor of the Magnolia Temple, no public money or community funding was used in the building of the Lodge.

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