Magnolia Coven

The Magnolia Coven is the primary coven of the Magnolia Temple, also known as the Doncaster Pagan temple. The coven is an independent Coven with a Multi-disciplinary practice, working collective co-operative magick in pursuit of Gnothi seauton – “know thyself” to become the Knower, which is the truth of inner self, awakening within us.

Our practice is founded in grimoire based folk magick, using open-source grimoire traditional techniques and contemporary folk magic with which we can experiment, explore, and adopt additional disciplines of magickal practices over time. Our Grimoires have been selected to be accessible for all, and as such we not only use our private independent grimoires, but also engage with the use of published and publicly accessible grimoires and magickal texts.

As a Coven we seek interaction with the ancestral Spirit and Mighty ones giving us the ability to form a deeper understanding of the Liminal, being halfway between; in balance, but not always in perfect balance between two paths, one which lies outside ourselves, stretching out into the boundless unknowable universe and the other running inwards to the unknowable being at our center and being. The outer paths and inner paths are walked equally to find the balance, to walk the liminal path of attachment and detachment, solidity, and fluidity, masculine and feminine, inversion and evolution of the spirit, ultimately to seek the fundamental unity of all existence, existence is unity – one and indivisible. As is the inner, so is the outer, as is the great so is the small, as above, so below; there is but ONE LIFE AND LAW: nothing is greater, nothing is smaller; nothing is High, nothing is Low, in this divine economy.

We do this through our active practice of rites of knowledge and conversation with the ancestral Witch Spirit and our connection to the witches, magician and warlocks who came before us. Our ancestral spirits are around and within us, they are a companion with us while we walk through life. We must listen to the witch spirits, by learning to listen we learn how to walk our path actively through our magickal life with their help and guidance. Listening and communing, we step from the passive, silent relationship to one where the lines of contact can be forged and so we do not force the contact, but to be open to it and look for communion with them in the practical ritual work. Contact is presents itself as visionary communication via altered states of consciousness or ritualized communication, via, signs, sigils, divinatory practice, and psychography.


We host rituals every month, and celebrate four seasonal rituals throughout the year. 


More information to come.

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