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All information on this page will be subject to change over the next few months, as we implement a new form of study at the Magnolia Temple.

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The Magnolia Temple Study group works on an ouroboric system; in which you can start at any point during the study year, and work your way to that point the following year and complete a year and a day of study in the outer court. This means we will no longer work based on an academic year from march till march or September to September, instead this ouroboric system allows you to join the study group from the moment you have had your induction to the course.

The Ouroboric system has been implemented as we are moving away from curriculum-based learning opting for a more practical trade-based structure to study.

Practical learning gives us the ability to put what we are learning into real world application straight away. Rather than a long-term course that is designed to fulfil a certificate, we are looking at extensive short-term learning that is applicable to practice from the moment you leave each session.

We also have an emphasis on Self-directed learning through research projects. These projects are at the discretion of each member of the study group and are based around areas of study that they wish to pursue and then subsequently presented to the others in the study group as part of a collaborative educational experience.

The course is set to last a Year and a Day, with you completing a full cycle of twelve sessions to continue forward towards Ritual work within the Magnolia Temple.




Study Group FAQ

What does study involve?

-The Study course is based around a collaborative study plan.

Each students study course is planned include 12 study sessions and to last roughly a year (and day). This will involve one afternoon a month, for three hours, with breaks included.

The Study materials centre around the basics and practical aspects of western occultism and magical traditions, and as such this does include material from Crowley, the Golden Dawn, Grimoires, Traditional witchcraft, Wicca, and other materials of western occultism.

The Study plan is aimed at giving a focused yet broad knowledge to the occult traditions and their practices. Study group also gives both us, and you the seeker a chance to work with one another in a relaxed and open environment, rather than immediate ritual settings.

Why practical over academic?

-We are doing this as each person that comes to the study group is joining at a different point on their personal journey and as such each person will have a different level of “education” and experience. A curriculum based academic approach requires member to all be at the same level, or else some may find the group either tedious or over whelming.

How much does the Study group/ training cost?

-There is no cost, the group is free. The only cost will be your own personal study materials (notebooks, pens, folders). Small donations towards beverages and snacks are always welcome but not a necessity as the Temple has a private fund.

We have based the training around the use of one independent book that we will provide in PDF format for free or that you may purchase online for roughly £20, but largely we will email out PDF documents during the sessions to accompany any notes you may take personally.

Can you take the course online?

-Even given the recent climate of social distancing the course is an in-person course only. We will use digital Pdf documents to accompany the study plan, however, the bulk of the Study is to be done in group work to promote collaborative discussions and interaction on a personal level.

What If I want to join the study group but don’t want to enter the Temple?

-Entering the temple upon completion of the course is not mandatory, it is a personal choice. The course is set up to engage you upon a path of personal growth, knowledge, and ultimately self-assessment of your practice.

We do hope though that those who join in on the study group do have the intention of entering the temple and ritual work, as to not have this intention is to waste the time and resources of the Groups facilitator.

What happens if I fail the study course?

-There is no passing grade, commitment and growth is the ultimate goal of the outer court study group.  Should you need more help than others during study, or feel that you aren’t able to keep pace with others, then asking for help is the path to success. Commitment is the ultimate contributing factor to becoming a member of the Inner court, those that aren’t willing to commit to study once a month are unlikely willing to commit to structured ritual work.

How do I join?

By making Contact through our Email – We will then arrange an in person meeting, to discuss the course, materials, and over all study plan.

You will then prior to officially joining the Study group have an Induction session to the course at the Temple, to cover any additional information.

Please consider that all applicants to the Study group and Coven will be asked to answer some questions in relation to your personal Practice and Background.

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