Who are We?

The Temple is overseen by an Executive committee who appoint the Coven Leaders.




The Chairman of the Executive committee and Facilitator of the Study Group:

I am Wyrt, I moved to Doncaster a few years ago with my Husband and we have made a home here with our five dogs!

I have been studying Western Occultism and Witch traditions since my mid-teens, and now at 30 I am still studying the subject.  

I have been part of several varied occult groups, both independent and established groups. I spent various amount of time with these groups but served my longest period with a Coven of the Gardnerian Tradition. I have also worked with a Traditional witch group while I lived in north Wales and outside both of these groups worked Folk ceremonial magic and Thelemic rituals, I now practice as part of the Grimoire Traditions.

I have also worked with several other public pagan organisations and individual teachers of western occultism along the way, to broaden my experience and education. I aim to bring this experience and knowledge into the Magnolia Temple Study group.

Being part of my previous Coven has also informed a lot of the Coven Aims I wish to bring to our coven, so that we can advocate a better way of group ritual work.

As Chairman of the executive committee my role is to provide leadership and as Facilitator of the Temple my role is to provide a Temple, Tools and Ritual materials. The rest is up to the Coven and the future members of the Coven

Executive committee for the Magnolia Temple is also comprised of a Treasurer, and Secretary who wish to remain anonymous.

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